My name is Neale Bacon. I have lost (so far) 200 pounds with no pills, potions, shakes, short cuts or surgery. Join me for tips and tricks I learned on this journey. There may even be a laugh or two along the way.

We have all been there. You have a bad day, and when you get home you fall face first in a pint of Hagen Daz ice cream. You figure “I have blown my healthy eating. What the heck, I may as well finish it now.” How about when you start missing workouts – you miss one which becomes two which becomes three weeks sitting on the couch.

First of all here’s the good news. You are not alone! Anyone on this weight loss journey has been there, and we have all thought “Well that’s it for healthy eating or weight loss.” For some odd reason, it is often human nature to want to throw in the towel when we hit any kind of setback.

I have related before the struggle I had my first year in TOPS where I went up and down the same 2 pounds. In fact, I DID throw in the towel and I quit. Thank goodness for the folks in my chapter who encouraged me to try again. It was then I looked into my medications, and discovered (with my endocrinologist) that all that was needed was to change a medication, and the weight loss started happening again. A simple change yet I was all prepared to give it up.

I see friends who post on social media how they had a bad day, or a bad week even. They ate everything in sight and forgot what the word gym was. Then they started the negative self talk like “Well, I blew it” and start beating themselves up.

Once you realize these little stumbles are normal, it makes it easier to get past them. I am not saying to just forget it. You have to hold yourself accountable and say “Yeah I didn’t make good choices this week. I need to get back on the plan” or “I haven’t been to the gym, I need to schedule a time to workout”.

Acknowledge the slip up but don’t let it define you.

Here is what I ask myself when I have a stumble. I ask why. Why was I lazy and skipped a workout? Why was I making bad food choices? I have often found it goes back to a major issue for me – emotional eating. I may have been angry, I may have had a disappointing week, I may be down on myself for not making the progress I think I should be making or any number of reasons. Are any of these a real reason? The answer is no.

Ask yourself why you made some bad food choices. Are they real reasons or merely excuses? “Well I was out having dinner with friends.” Then you look at the menu and look for healthy or at least healthier choices. You can even do that at fast food joints. Order a small fries, order the smallest burger they have, or find things like salads on the menu. I have even gone into fast food places with friends and ordered the kids meal just to get the smaller portions. Of course, you may get strange looks from the clerks. I did that at one fast food place and the manager said sarcastically “Do you want the toy too?”. I was thinking inside “Would you like a punch in the nose too?” but I decided against it.

You might say “Well there was nothing healthy in the house to eat.” Who buys your groceries? Who cooks your meals? If it is you, you need to make better shopping choices. If the bad food isn’t there, you won’t eat it. I will admit it is harder when there is a family situation. You can’t always expect  the family to follow your food plan, so that’s just where you need a bit more self control.

You might say to yourself “Oh I am not making any progress at the gym.” Well no, not sitting at home watching TV. You make progress by GOING to the gym or by doing your workout.

So the next time you make some bad food choices or start skipping those workouts, ask yourself why, figure it out and just jump back on the wagon! It is easier than you might think.

I dont have time to exercise

And now here is some exciting news for my blog readers! I am having my first contest. I have been given some tickets to the Wellness Fair happening at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre February 13-15.

I would like to share them with a couple of my readers. I have 2 pairs to give away.

In the comments below, I would like you to give some ideas on what you would like me to write about. Do you have any questions about my journey or even your own? Just jot them down and I will select 2 winners who will each receive a pair of tickets .

You will help me with my blog, and you will get to see great lectures, demonstration and be able to browse all kinds of booths with products connected to healthy eating and healthy living! If you need more information about the show go to

Until next time, have a healthy and happy day!


Comments on: "What do you do when you fall off the wagon?" (4)

  1. Lucy Myderwyk said:

    I’m a new subscriber and not sure if you wrote about the subject of sugar substitutes. I’ve been using Splenda and/or several other brands for as long as I can remember. Good or bad? I would value your opinion. I am really enjoying your openness and writing style. Thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks for a great idea. I will look into that for sure!


      • Terry Vagg said:

        How do you keep from being “scale obsessed”? I weigh myself twice a day and each result
        puts me in a good or bad mood…I know this is crazy but can’t break the habit. I hope you
        can get me thinking more positively about the ups and downs!! Terry


      • One thing I did was get rid of my home scale and only weigh in at my TOPS meetings. It is easy for it to become more than a habit but more like an obsession and that is where eating disorders can spring from. Try to discipline yourself to weight no more than once a day, or better yet, limit to a couple of times a week. I know it isn’t easy. We hope to see those little drops but when we see the ups we just get discouraged. It is hard to focus on the overall trend if we obsess on the daily.


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