My name is Neale Bacon. I have lost (so far) 200 pounds with no pills, potions, shakes, short cuts or surgery. Join me for tips and tricks I learned on this journey. There may even be a laugh or two along the way.

Easter hares in the grass with chocolate eggsEaster is one of those holidays where a person’s healthy eating plan can take a serious hit and as Dr Phil would say, runs off into the ditch. Those little chocolate morsels carry some not-so-little calories.

Did you know that 1 count ’em 1 Cadbury Cream Egg has 150 calories, 6 grams of fat and 20 grams of sugar. Do you like Peeps? I find them like mushy chalk but that’s just me. For the Peeps peeps, there is 140 calories and 34 grams of sugar in just 5 peeps. How about my wife’s favourite Reeses Peanut Butter eggs? In 4 eggs there is 160 calories, 9.6 grams of fat and 15 grams of sugar.

I don’t want to get onto my soapbox or anything, but as a man of faith, I am amazed how the most important holiday in the Christian calendar has become all about gorging on chocolate eggs and bunnies. It is almost as amazing as how Christmas became about a fat guy in a red suit breaking into your house to leave gifts, but I digress.

Besides all the obvious goodies like chocolate bunnies, Easter also comes with Easter Dinner which in some cases rival Christmas or Thanksgiving dinners as a time when people think “It’s a holiday, why not?”

I can give you a few reasons “why not”. Let’ start with an Easter breakfast. One of my favourite Easter things used to be the Hot Crossed Bun. That was until I found out each rolls contains as much as 150 calories or more. Maybe you have cinnamon buns instead. They can even be higher. Of course you have to have bacon too right? Average cut bacon can be as much as 100 calories for 2 strips and who has just 2 strips right? If you have the thick cut, there is even more.

Easter dinner in a lot of homes consists of glazed ham, at 70 calories for 2 ounces, glazed carrots at 100 calories roughly for 1/2 a cup, and mashed potatoes at 250 calories per cup without the gravy. Maybe a couple more hot crossed buns or dinner rolls for 200 or 300 more calories and it all adds up pretty quickly.

What do you do skip the holiday? No, just follow some guidelines for all big holidays and their accompanying foods – use moderation. Remember the portion plate or for my American friends, the My Plate diagram. Half your plate should be veggies, with 1/4 being starches (like potatoes or yams) and 1/4 for your meat.

We had ham, mashed potatoes as well as oven roasted potatoes and a new dish my wife invented – Easter Cauliflower. She used purple and orange cauliflower and roasted them in the oven with some seasoning and a bit of grated cheese. I was able to have some of each and not go off the rails with my calories.

Later that night for my evening snack, I had one of my squeeze fruit, a small portion of baby carrots a 3 tiny chocolate carrots, so I didn’t deprive myself. I just kept asking myself how much would I have to do to work off the extra goodies.easter-candy-calories

I have mentioned before I belong to a weight loss support group called TOPS which stands for Taking Off Pounds Sensibly. They published this little chart on what you have to do to burn off your Easter goodies. If you read the fine print, this is based on a 144 pound woman, so as they say, your mileage may vary.

Today’s blog is a little bit shorter than usual, because it is still a holiday weekend, and because it is a nice sunny day where I am. Besides that, I have a few chocolate carrots to walk off.

Until next time, have a healthy and happy day!


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