My name is Neale Bacon. I have lost (so far) 200 pounds with no pills, potions, shakes, short cuts or surgery. Join me for tips and tricks I learned on this journey. There may even be a laugh or two along the way.

Good day everyone. I have had a couple of things on my mind to share with you so I thought I would touch on a couple of topics today and later will even do a bit of plain old bragging. Please stick with me to the end today. There will be some good stuff I promise.

very-badFirst up – Breakfast. I have read article after article about the importance of breakfast not only for weight loss but for overall health, and by golly they are right! I have found the right kind of breakfast is important.

What do I mean by the right type of breakfast? I do NOT mean stopping to grab a “breakfast sandwich” from some fast food joint, nor do I mean a Fourbucks coffee and donut or a big bowl of sugar frosted crunchies.

One of my favourites is good old oatmeal. I have my own special recipe that I call Neale’s Power Oatmeal. Modest I know. Here is my recipe.

1/3 cup quick cook oatmeal

2/3 cup water

1 tsp peanut butter

1 tsp honey

small handful of walnuts

small handful of raisins.

Put the oatmeal, water, raisins and walnuts in a bowl. Microwave for 90 seconds. Stir in peanut butter and honey and if needed a splash of milk. That’s it. Easy to do and very filling. Gets me through the morning without needing a snack.

The protein from the walnuts and peanut butter carries me through. Protein in the morning is important, and for diabetics like me, the oatmeal has a low glycemic index and doesn’t cause a sugar spike which of course is followed by a crash and starts the munchie hunting.

What else do I like? Whole grain toast with peanut butter or with a boiled egg. Please not whole grain, not whole wheat because in many cases some whole wheat breads are no healthier than white breads.bacon-585x400

Sometimes I will have a couple of strips of bacon. By the way – the definition of a couple is two – not a plate full.

Some people try to make a meal out of bacon. Now you would think I would like the appreciation of my family name but for your health sake – don’t do it.

Some people don’t like to eat first thing and end up grabbing something at the office. There are ways around that too. You can pack a healthy breakfast when you pack your healthy lunch. You do pack a lunch right? You save calories and money.

If that is too much, there are some great instant oatmeals that come in a cup where you just add hot water. Please read the label. If the first ingredient is sugar, put it back! I taught you better than that. Read that label and look for a short list of ingredients. Remember if you can’t pronounce it, or if it sounds like an ingredient in a science experiment, you probably shouldn’t eat it.

Next up – Farmer’s Markets.

Spring is here and with spring comes the opening of Farmers Markets. I love the variety of fresh fruits and veggies you can get at a farmers market. Most of all though I love the fact that I am supporting local farms and that I can talk directly to the farmer, grower, baker, fisherman or whoever.

You can ask how things are raised, ask about chemicals used etc. When it comes to our food, knowledge is truly power. In terms of weight loss, it is the perfect opportunity to get in your 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day. (More on that in a bit)

In a similar vein, here is another thing to check out. Ethnic specialty stores. In my area (Greater Vancouver BC) we have many great ethnic markets and often great bargains can be found there as well as a chance to discover new foods.

I had mentioned I like walnuts and in my oatmeal. I also like to snack on them. Locally walnuts can be $10 or more a pound. I found a local market called Persian Foods on Kingsway in Burnaby. They had walnuts for less than $6 a pound and raisins for less than $3 a pound! Go explore.

Switching hats slightly – I mentioned the 5 servings of fruits and veggies. As most of you know, I am also a ventriloquist. I am currently working on a show I hope to introduce to elementary schools in the fall.

The childhood obesity epidemic is in full swing but it is hard to talk to young children about weight loss. It is better to talk to them about developing healthy habits and thereby heading off the obesity problem to begin with. What healthy habits?

5210 blastoff 3There is a movement across North America in schools and communities called 5-2-1-1
which stands for 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day, 2 hours or less of screen time per day (zero for kids under 2), 1 hour of physical activity per day and zero sugary drinks like pop (or soda if you prefer) and fruit juices. Yes fruit juice is healthy but can be loaded with sugar.

If we can get kids to follow these four simple ideas, it will go a long way to prevent weight problems for them later. Remember, I am the guy who would have faked PMS to get out of gym class because in the old days it was all about running or climbing or other things I couldn’t do. An hour of a fun physical activity that they can actually do is more likely to have kids participate.

Next up – a bit of bragging.

Sometimes when you do these blogs you wonder if anyone ever sees them, reads them or even cares about what you write. Well, I found out recently I was named in “The Top 100 Inspirational Weight Loss Bloggers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of (Until Now)” at number 51. If you want to check it out, here is the link.

I am glad to know I am helping and inspiring people because that has always been my aim with this blog. I want to let people know if I can do it, so can you. smm-logo-with-date

Lastly today – a bit of an announcement for my fellow bloggers. Coming up this Saturday June the 4th in Vancouver is the Social Media Mastery Conference. If you are in the Vancouver area and you have a blog, you need to be there.

Over 20 speakers on all aspects of blogging. I have attended in the past and it has been truly worthwhile. I have met some great people, formed some wonderful friendships, and learned a LOT.

You can still buy tickets, and if you use my promo code “HealthywithBacon” you can get 50% off! Please check out for more information.

Until next time, have a healthy and happy day!




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