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When was the last time you encouraged someone else?

encourageYou may have noticed I haven’t posted for a little bit. It is because I was away at my father’s memorial service.

During that time there were a few things that occurred that spurred this post today.

I have received so much encouragement from friends and even online from folks I really don’t know. I don’t say that to brag but to ask when was the last time you encouraged someone else?

I spent a lot of time during this trip with someone who seemed to thrive on the negative. Every comment they made about other people, or events or whatever was negative. It took every effort for them to find the positive in anything.

They seemed to thrive on this and in fact when I tried to show them the positive about the people or things they talked about, they got angry and defensive. They were determined to be negative and that was that.

This got me thinking…Do I do that? Do I look at the negative side of people and things automatically? I hope not. It was a trait of mine in the past and I have worked hard to correct that thought process.

How does this apply to my weight loss journey? As much as I enjoy GETTING the encouragement from others, I want to do more GIVING  encouragement  for others. I need to encourage others I see making healthy choices (assuming it is a someone I know who doesn’t always do that). I need to encourage that person who is now where I was. I need to let them know they can do it.

I have seen so often that in the celebrity world, we can’t wait to push people off the pedestals that WE put them on. Why are we so quick to criticize? Is it because we have been criticized so we can’t wait to do it to others? You would think we have the opposite reaction. I know that I hated it when people would be critical of me, especially people I didn’t know.

I will share a quick story that may resonate with some of you. Years ago when I was a LOT bigger, I had been performing at a mall for an ice cream parlour. After my day’s work was over, I thought I would have an ice cream. I had been promoting it all day and it looked really good.

I ordered my ice cream, and was thoroughly enjoying it when some woman who I didn’t know from a hole in the ground came up and said to me “Do you really think a fat guy like you should be eating that?” I was so stunned by this that I was actually speechless. For those who know me, that is truly amazing.

Once I regained my composure, I stuck the ice cream in her hand and said “Fine, YOU eat it.” I then went out to my car where tears of hurt and angry streamed down my face as I drove home. I have never forgotten that feeling.emilysquotes-com-encourage-encouraged-process-commitment-difference-life-change-inspirational-motivational-positive-encouraging-zig-ziglar

I want to be the encourager, even more so than I was before. I came across this quote from Zig Ziglar, who you probably know from past blog posts was a favourite speaker and author of mine.

Think about it. When we encourage someone, we are encouraged ourselves. We have made a difference in someone’s life. Maybe we were that little bit of encouragement someone needed to keep going on their journey.

As much as we need encouragement ourselves, we need to remember those who need the encouragement on their journey.

Be positive. Try to see the positive side in people, things and situations. Please remember I am saying this to me as much as I am to you out there.

Until next time, have a healthy and happy day!

Now a special message for my readers in the Vancouver BC area! July 20th, I will be hosting my first seminar entitled What’s Eating You?  You will see what I will be covering in the graphic below. I would encourage you to come and to share the news with others who might benefit from hearing my story and hearing how they can turn their lives around with no pills, potions, shakes or shortcuts.

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